Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Specter-tacular 10 Linden Items

Someone must have put a spell on me, because I have been shopping up a storm at the cart sale. Hey I helped organize it but no one said I couldn't spend all my lindens at the sale. It all started at the Crazy Pastry Design Cart were I found the 10L Lily Lace Dress and after that I was addicted.

Crazy Pastry Designs - Lily Lace - 10L

Aphrodite Shop - "Lets Halloween" Hat, Pumpkin and Pose - 10L

Never You Mind - Sneaky Crate - 10L

Wicked Temptation - Severed Head - 10L

Fae Fantasy Creations - Halloween Ghostie Decorations - 10L

Sup Poses - Pumpkin Poser - 10L

Cupcake Clothing - My Boyfriends an Axe Murderer Mesh Jammies - 10L

Bubble Hut - Floating Jack-O-lantern Decoration - 10L

Something New - Fall Couple Love - 10L

Velvet Whip - Jack-o Wreath - 10L

Cupcake Clothing - Mesh Halloween Spider Dress with Brooch - 100L

MeshIT - Halloween Top and Bag -Exclusively made for the Specter-tacular Halloween Cart Sale - 50L

Ok ok so all of the items aren't 10L and I tooted my own horn but it's my blog and that's how a roll.

The cart sale is still on for another two days and you know you want a collection of 10L items for yourself...

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